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Enjoying the spring. Oh how I love you sun. 
AGATHOCLES (Looking For Answer split EP)

Amazing split. 

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Feel like shit. So I painted my feelings.
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What is your opinion about zoos?

I don’t often see people debate against zoos, unless something just recently happened on that specific animal park. Say for the purpose of this text, Parken Zoo in Eskilstuna, Sweden.

And sometimes, I see, pictures like this one:

That gives an urge to cry because people are insensitive monsters.
But is this the picture that can define all zoos?
Im asking, not telling you.

What would you say about this enclosure?

It is a Grizzly bear enclosure in the Zoom World of Adventure, Ruhrgebiet. Is this just as cruel as the last picture

Animal parks, zoos and research centers that are working to save and preserve species of endangered animals. But have to keep them there because there is no other way to to it. Is that equal as cruel as the first pic?

An example would be in order:

This is a video from Smithsonian’s National zoo. They have a breeding program for a toad called the Panamanian golden frog. Or, Atelopus zeteki. 
This species of toad is totally extinct in the wild and zoos all around the world are now trying to breed them to later in reestablish them in the wild. 
Good, or cruel?

I don’t blaming any zoos and I’m not defending any zoos either. 
What do you think? Share this, answer this, do what ever you want. I’d like to know your opinion.

Ps. Sorry for the poor English.

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I love tigers. 
Oophaga pumilio “Salt Creek”. This is one of three frogs that moved to my house yesterday. These are smaller than the regular pumilio populations on the island of Bastimentos. They grow to about 17mm of length. You can keep them in groups, which is pretty unique for O. pumilio. Amazing little frogs and I’m really happy to have the chance to work with them. Picture taken by me, yesterday.